Stay positive! I have been…

I just got my most recent emails from the Red Cross letting me know that:

1. I’m still positive for the COVID-19 antibodies, and

2. My last donation of plasma/platelets went to Las Vegas, NV!

The Red Cross is now testing donated plasma for the COVID-19 antibodies and has added a link in the app where it I forms you of your antibody results. So if you’re like many people and think you’ve already had it, go donate at the Red Cross and find out for sure! Plus the Red Cross always is looking for more donations so it’s a great way to help others too.

I will donate again on this coming Monday. I can give every 28 days! I’d really highly consider downloading the American Red Cross app on your phone and scheduling a donation through there. Super simple, and it will make such a huge difference for someone in need.



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