Day 14: All Kinds of GREAT News

Okay, I’m back on track with my days. Yesterday I thought it was Day 12. Nope, it was 13. Every day is “Blursday” right now. I’ve been fighting COVID-19 aka Coronavirus for 14 days now. I’m working toward my 72-hours of baseline health so that I can leave isolation quarantine and hug my kids. I’m on hour 58 right now. Not that I’m counting…every single hour, minute, second…

BIG NEWS! Jerod’s test results came back and he is negative for COVID-19. We had a Zoom meeting with our Doctor, and he said that he’d assume it’s a false negative but we won’t know until there is a way to check for antibodies someday. Luckily Jerod has been completely healthy for 2 weeks, and the girls have been healthy the entire time, which means that my isolation quarantine did it’s job. And leads me to the next piece of big news….

I’m allowed to come out of isolation quarantine tomorrow morning Wednesday, April 8th! I have to keep 3-6 foot social distance from my family, wear a mask, wash hands a lot, and take extra precautions…but you better believe I’m sneaking in a REALLY big hug from my girls.

Other notes from my call:

  • If the girls or Jerod show any symptoms at all that are on the list of Coronavirus symptoms, they are to be tested immediately.
  • My Doctor confirmed that blood type is playing a part in people getting Coronavirus. I’m A negative and Jerod is O positive. People with A blood types are 30% more likely to get the virus, and people with O blood types are 30% less likely to get the virus. Jerod interpreted this to mean he’s better than me…and said so out loud to my Doctor, who just laughed and said “Sounds like it.”
  • I shared with my Doctor how many people reached out to me saying they feel like they either had or have Coronavirus and are unable to get tested. He said that is totally possible, and that they should follow the CDC guidelines around quarantining if they have reason to believe they have it. However, of the over 23,000 people tested in Oregon, less than 1,200 have tested positive. There are a lot of nasty things going around right now that have similar symptoms to Coronavirus. Namely Influenza A, Metapneumovirus, and Rhinovirus. Regardless, take caution and keep distance if you become sick…it’s a good practice no matter what.
  • I asked about donating plasma, and was advised to call the American Red Cross. I’ll be calling to find out how soon they’d like to accept my donation now that I’ve kicked COVID-19’s ass to the curb. Pardon the language, but it is so excited to say I beat this thing, and the thought of being able to help others gets me really excited! I’ll keep you posted on what I hear from the American Red Cross.

Also of note today, and absolutely saving the best NEWS for last…my brother, Kyle Kirsch, was on the FRONT PAGE of the Statesman Journal newspaper today for his work in donating the face shields he’s making with his 3D printer. I think my friend Angie Craig summed up his actions perfectly in her March 29th Facebook post: “This pandemic has generated a lot of stress, concern, panic, etc. In addition, there are heroes like Kyle coming up with creative ways to help, and spending their time and resources to show appreciation for the people who are risking their lives each day to save ours. I can only hope that our children see things like this, and people like this (Kyle Kirsch) coming together to serve in whatever way they can while our world is changing.” She finishes with this “We say Heroes don’t always wear capes, but I think in today’s world, it’s safe to say ‘Heroes wear Masks’.” AMEN!

The front page of April 7, 2020 Statesman Journal – Salem, Oregon
“A grim reminder of the virus’ ubiquity, Verboort herself was beginning to feel sick, and, as she put the PayPal pool together, she awaited the results of a COVID-19 test, which has since come back positive.” Yep…it sure did…and I kicked that virus’ booty. BOOM! 🙂

One thought on “Day 14: All Kinds of GREAT News

  1. Thanks for sharing your great news! I also appreciate how you are educating us – didn’t know about how blood types factored into being at risk for COVID-19.

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