Day 12: Officially 24 hrs of baseline health

The countdown is on. I’m 24 hours into a 72 hour countdown of being able to leave my isolation quarantine. The only caveat is that I have to stay here until my husband’s COVID-19 test results are back. So we are really hoping and praying that those come back soon so I can rejoin my family and hug my daughters on this Wednesday morning (you can all countdown with me). From my last post you know that my daughters and I watch Survivor together every week. We don’t have cable, so we watch it on the CBS app every Thursday. My mom is praying specifically that I get to watch Survivor while snuggling my girls this week. It’s the vision that is getting me through these last few days of isolation quarantine.

A note from Gwen. My girls pass notes under my door and they call it “Cave Mail”. They will also leave treats outside my door. It’s hard to be physically separated from them, but we are making the most of it!

Why isolation quarantine?

A lot of people have asked me why I’m in isolation from my family if I had already been living with them and exposing them to this virus for the 2 weeks before I had onset of symptoms. The simple answer is that increased exposure increases their chances of getting it. And I don’t want my family to get this if they don’t have to.

Plus, the CDC has very strict guidelines around isolation quarantine when you have a confirmed case of COVID-19 like I do. Actually, from what I’m reading, these are the guidelines for anyone who is even suspected of having COVID-19, so it’s worth repeating: I’m to isolate from humans and animals for at least 7 days from onset, and for 72 hours following my return to baseline health. Anyone who comes into my presence should wear a mask.

We didn’t have a mask for several days, so my husband would tie a shirt around his face or would tuck his face into his sweatshirt:

A make-shift mask.

Luckily I have friends who are way craftier than I am. Caitlin Ooley (“Harley’s Corner” on Facebook) made us masks and a whole care package of stuff, including new slippers for me! Here is a picture of my husband wearing the mask she made with a hepa filter. She also made it in camo print…she knows my husband well:

Jerod, my husband, is at my beck and call for pretty much everything. I call or text every time I need food, water, medicine…he’s been so great about it. I started calling him my “Butler” and he kind of thinks I’m funny. As a joke, I put a few things in our Amazon cart and waited for him to see them:

I call Jerod my “Butler”…he doesn’t think I’m as funny as I do. HAHA!

That’s all for today. Basically we are in a holding pattern until we get the call from our Doctor regarding Jerod’s test results. We assume his test will be positive, but it’s hard to tell. My girlfriend who tested positive has been in the same home as her husband and son…and they both tested negative for COVID-19. So we’ll see! Stay tuned…

7 thoughts on “Day 12: Officially 24 hrs of baseline health

  1. I love your humor. But putting your husband in a Butler’s costume sound like Cosplay to me. You must be planning for when you can physically be with him again.🙈

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  2. Jill – thank you for sharing your journey with us, and educating your readers at the same time. Glad you are symptom free and hopefully Jerod’s test is negative. Keep on keeping on!

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