Hi I’m Jill

I love to write, but usually it’s in a journal that I hope no one ever reads.

So when I’m not laying in bed with COVID-19, I’m actually a really healthy and active human! I’m a wife, mom of 2 beautiful young daughters, business-owner, active in my community, and physically very active as well.

Why read this blog?

  • Well, right now you should read it because we’re all really curious about COVID-19, and not many of us know someone who it’s affected. I’m that someone, and I am getting TONS of questions from people. So I thought I’d get all the answers I have down in one place.
  • Eventually I hope that this blog has nothing to do with COVID-19 and can just be a place for me to gather my thoughts and share them.

I’ve always been a journal person. I write in one almost daily. So publishing my thoughts feels a little bit like letting the world read my diary. But this COVID-19 has me feeling very overwhelmed with information and I needed to get it all in one place. I have so many people checking on me, which is amazing, but I found myself typing the same information out multiple times on multiple channels…text, email, messenger, etc. So now I have one place where I can get it all out, and I can point people to it.

I have no idea what this will morph into once I’m past the COVID-19 craziness. Stay tuned…

My sister Brenda will appreciate this picture that I’ve saved as “Staring Boldly Into My Future”. It’s a joke we started when she was dating her then boyfriend, now husband, Matt. I’d tell them to stare off into the horizon for their photos and we’d caption them “Staring Boldly Into Our Future”. I can’t tell you how many we took. But I felt it was an appropriate pic for this page…where will this blog go? Will it go anywhere? Will I ever even post it? Will anyone even read it? I don’t know, but I’m publishing it anyway and moving boldly into the future. 🙂

10 thoughts on “Hi I’m Jill

  1. Damn, Sam!! Please take care of you and drink PLENTY of water. May you feel God’s healing Grace, ASAP!!


  2. I’ve been thinking of you every day since you told me your suspicion of this. I’m not surprised you took every precaution – that’s the kind of person you are! Thank you for reminding me (again) why sticking close to home is the right behavior at the moment.


  3. Oh Jill, I’m so sorry. You are one o the strongest and healthy people I know and I know that you will beat this!!! Love and prayers everyday for you! ❤️


  4. Hi Jill. DeVaughn McMillen here,,,, I’m very interested in your symptoms, how you discovered you HAVE Covid 19. I’m a caregiver fir elderly. It’s scary out there😫


  5. Jill- my sweet Jill! Thank you for sharing ! I know that COVID 19 will be devastated it met you because you will conquer and gain from it! Gain perspective, strength, resilience and admiration. Love you friend! Dionne


  6. Jill you are a strong healthy young woman.
    You will get through this!
    I have been watching Chris Cuomo at night. He has gone through some pretty scary stuff such as hallucinations.
    I pray that you will not have that reaction .
    My love and prayers for you and your family.

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  7. Praying for the world that this passes soon.
    I hope to be able to read more about you dealing with this. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, feelings and issues on this. Stay strong.


  8. So sorry Jill. I will pray strongly and boldly for you every day. Hang in there….I know you will conquer this. From Texas, I extend blessings to you with the Lord’s gift of healing. All of this will soon pass. May God Bless you.

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